About Online Florist Sydney, Australia

Online Florist Sydney is a flower delivery company based in Auburn, Sydney and we offer quality flower bouquets at competitive prices and deliver to all areas within Sydney, Australia. We take our orders online at , or by phone (02)9645-3938. Contact Us .

We are different from traditional neighbourhood retail florists. Our business model is similar to Dell Computers. We accept orders over the Internet and by telephone. Flowers are designed by our professionally trained floral designers at our own production facility, located in Sydney. This is how we ensure accuracy of all our orders. Because of the high volume of orders processed daily and direct buying from growers, our flowers are fresher. Our efficiency and low overhead allow us to sell them for less. The result is fresher flowers at a better price.

Our advantages:

1. We deal directly with growers.
That means our flowers are low-priced (no middlemen) and fresher (transit time from fields to recipient is less)
2. We provide better value for flowers.
We do not take commission for taking the order and then sending it for fulfillment to local florist. Order taking and flower arranging are done on 87% at company owned facilities. Our buying power is strong, so we buy quality flowers for less. The savings we are passing to you.
3. We provide better customer service.
We deal with your order directly from order taking to arranging flowers and delivery. So we know exactly where your order is at any given moment.
4. We provide better quality product.
Since we do 87% of all orders at company owned facilities, we employ the same standards for flower freshness, design, packaging and delivery. The quality and accuracy are guaranteed no matter where your order is going to.
5. We care.